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The FIRST TO FIRE WEB NETWORK was launched on Friday, April 9th, 2021 @ 10:43 PM CST. and is a huge blog and website network owned and maintained by David Thrift from Southeast Alabama. This website serves as the central hub for the network where you can find all of the links to the various blogs with descriptions of why they exist and for what purpose.

Before buying into the domain “F2FW.com” for FIRST TO FIRE WEB NETWORK, I checked around on Google to see if this domain may be of any value. From what I could understand, the value is dependent on who may be interested in buying it in the future should I ever be willing to give it up for someone else’s use. Also many 4 letter domains don’t achieve a high value due to that they do not make a pronouncable word, or are just a very odd string of letters and numbers. I made the decision not to worry about the value of this domain name because for many years I’ve been looking for a 4 letter domain that I could use for building the foundation of my blogging network on. I had been considering to name my network “FIRST TO FIRE” after a unit slogan for the military unit I was stationed in while serving in the U.S. Army in South Korea at Camp Casey in 1993/94 – 122nd Signal Battalion. FIRST TO FIRE WEB NETWORK eventually became the name I settled on for establishing business in my network, and F2FW.com happened to be available. I thought it was perfect, and easy to remember. So I bought it, and F2FWN has been online ever since, directing it’s viewers to many blogs and websites I maintain in this network.